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重新定义会展搭建的下个时代 — 有一种展台叫艺搭

发布时间:2018-10-24 00:00:00

The YEEDAA 2.0 modular booth was officially unveiled.


YEEDAA | 艺搭环保展台

Break the rules & break the world


The industry has basically divided the booth into two major categories.


One is the traditional booth, which can make complex and diverse shapes and beautiful lighting, and the price is high. It mainly serves large-scale organizers and exhibitors who need to demonstrate their strength.


One is a recyclable environmental booth framework system, which is moderately priced and serves many fast-food exhibitors.


For exhibitors,the YEEDAA booth can outperform the traditional booths of the same quotation.  Under the high pressure of environmental protection policy, customers will not choose a cheap booth, but will not give up a cost-effective solution.


The effect of the YEEDAA booth was recognized by the exhibitors, and the exhibition industry was being reshuffled by the green environmental protection policy. Who ever can seize the opportunity will be able to laugh at the end.


◆ ◆ ◆

Break through the tradition and restart the market


The company participates in the exhibition every year, and the organizer holds the exhibition every year. The design of most of the booths has changed the soup.  For example, mentioning the exhibition, is the first picture like this?


Recently, YEEDAA participated in a seminar competition. The YEEDAA 2.0 module challenged the traditional exhibition style in the hands of designers. The organizers fell in love with this design at first sight.


The overall design effect of the ten exhibitions is different. In the past, the environmental protection module was boldly built to present a personalized shape, which broke the public's image orientation of the exhibition in the first visual.


YEEDAA's team of designers is more than 85s  90s, there are energetic dreams and ideas, and the experienced design director is at the helm. Such a case is not uncommon in YEEDAA.  New elements, freshness can restart this seemingly saturated market for us.


◆ ◆ ◆

Go all the way, no fear of"copying"


The emergenceof YEEDAA has brought vitality to the industry. With the promotion of the market, more YEEDAA can be seen at the exhibition. When the module structure is more exposed, some imitators appear gradually, what should we do?


The more imitators in this field, the higher the market recognition, each generation of products can be imitated, but our corporate culture, service operation model,design concept, can also be said to be the YEEDAA soul, is unique.


If the otherparty only copies and pastes, it is really difficult to surpass YEEDAA.  Accelerating the iteration of productupdates, the module is more convenient to build, the effect is more cool, andthe more diverse functions of the booth are the direction we must work hard every day.


As a R&D design service operation company, we also hope to go all out to research and develop products and be responsible for production. We also look forward to cooperating with more YEEDAA franchisees for marketing and building services for customers.


Let the green dreams of YEEDAA (a big family) be told to more people and work together to redefine the next era of convention and exhibition.


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